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Why Transsar!

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Transsar, adapted quality and modern management approach and % 100 customer satisfaction is important for Transsar.

As imiportant as the quality and value of service,it is appropriate to provide a cost and price. This is a responsibility that we ourselves for our customers too.

What are we doing!

Image 02 -Gas analayse of transforer oil
-Dielektric transfor mer oil tester
-Maintanance of On-Load top changer
-Power factor tester
-Resistance measurements (Kelvin ridge)
-Transformer ratio tester
-İnsulation tester
-3000 Lt/S Transformer oil altering(treatment) machine
-1000 Lt/S Transformer oil filtering machine
-3000 Lt/S Transformer oil filtering machine
-5000 MVA-200 MVA operation and oil treatment of power transformers
-500 KG/S-10000 KG/S manufacturing of oil treatment machine
-In place maintenance
-LV-HV cahange og gasket